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What is the meaning of antsy in Hindi?

Meaning of antsy in Hindi is :

Definition of word antsy

  • restless, apprehensive and fidgety (adjective)
    बेचैन, आशंकित और बेचैन

Examples of word antsy

  • The mood in the room seemed loose, but the word "antsy" was used pretty often.
  • There is still a sort of moral consensus that defines certain subjects as "delicate", gets kind of antsy when such topics are broached, but the consensus seems to have shifted from a conservative default to a liberal one.
  • I get kind of antsy quickly and I like being on the move.
  • More than an hour or two about a movie makes me kind of antsy and grumpy!
  • That Champaign* at the back of my fridge is looking sort of ... "antsy".
  • Things have been kind of antsy around the Miami-Dade County Public Schools administration offices the last couple of weeks.
  • The kids were acting antsy which is to be expected because, damn, there at a freaking bank.
  • I think that would be nice, but I'm kind of antsy about the take-away already. * sigh* They like Chinese or curry.
  • KEITH BRYANT, MASTER CHIEF: I think initially the people were kind of antsy and anxious to get started.
  • When I first heard of the fact that this new team was going to come in and do new material and add to our material, I was a little kind of antsy and worried about it.''