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What is the meaning of aortic in Hindi?

Meaning of aortic in Hindi is :

Definition of word aortic

  • Of or pertaining to the aorta. (adjective)

Examples of word aortic

  • In one paper, with the running page heading of "the cocaine paradox," we presented evidence that in aortic strips of rabbit and isolated electrically-driven atria from guinea pig and cat, cocaine potentiated responses to norepinephrine and inhibited those to tyramine by blocking one and the same site on adrenergic nerve terminals.
  • He knew that nitroglycerine activated an enzyme in aortic muscle cells, guanylylcyclase, which increased cyclic GMP and caused relaxation.
  • Nearly 10% of people older than 65 suffer from an ailment called aortic stenosis, narrowing of the valve that releases a big surge of blood into the heart's major artery, the aorta.
  • When the valve doesn't open and close properly, a progressive condition known as aortic stenosis, a person may experience chest pain, shortness of breath and difficulty exercising.
  • RISK FACTOR: Aortic dissections are often proceeded by an enlargement of the first part of the aorta where it comes out of the heart, called an aortic aneurysm.


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