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What is the meaning of apace in Hindi?

Meaning of apace in Hindi is : शीघ्रता से

Definition of word apace

  • Quickly, rapidly, with speed. (adverb)

Examples of word apace

  • Christians, were hastening to their own ruin apace, both efficiently and meritoriously, were setting both God and man against them; see 1
  • None of Bacon's writings gives in short apace so vivid a picture of his tastes and aspirations as this fragment of the plan of an ideal commonwealth.
  • Government had reached agreement on all issues with Telkom's strategic equity partner, Thintana, and preparations were "apace" for the listing.
  • But with immigration from heavily Catholic nations continuing apace, the Latinoization of the American Catholic Church will only be accelerated.
  • Federal regulators sought Wednesday to prevent the growing furor over improper foreclosures from escalating, pressing mortgage lenders to replace flawed and fraudulent court documents while insisting that foreclosures continue apace.


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