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What is the meaning of apart in Hindi?

Meaning of apart in Hindi is : स्वतंट्र

Definition of word apart

  • Separately, in regard to space or company; in a state of separation as to place; aside. (adverb)
  • In a state of separation, of exclusion, or of distinction, as to purpose, use, or character, or as a matter of thought; separately; independently (adverb)
  • Aside; away. (adverb)
  • In two or more parts; asunder; to piece (adverb)
  • apart from. (preposition)

Examples of word apart

  • Vampirism as a disease rather than a cure is just one aspect of what sets The Strain apart from the myriad of vampire literature released over the past several years.
  • There is an underlying tension, an awareness that borrowing Mr. Pitt's fame puts them under greater pressure to establish their name apart from their prominent client and sometime partner.
  • "I supposed he's got nothing to win – apart from the point – but he's got a big reputation."
  • What sets John McCain apart is that when pressed he can offer no other reason for why he should be President except that he should be President.
  • It made her feel discouraged, like if you took the word apart into two sections of dis and couraged.


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