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What is the meaning of ape in Hindi?

Meaning of ape in Hindi is : वानर

Definition of word ape

  • A primate of the clade Hominoidea, generally larger than monkeys and distinguished from them by having no tail. (noun)
  • To behave like an ape. (verb)
  • Wild; crazy. (adjective)

Examples of word ape

  • May be they are veridical observations of some enormous rare ape mistaken for an ˜ape - man™ or may be just erroneous observations of sociopaths in Yak coats?
  • Chuen of the Maya calendar, which corresponds to the day Ozomatli, the ape, in the Aztec calendar, seems to indicate that the singular head of C is that of an _ape_, whose lateral nasal cavity (peculiar to the American ape or monkey) is occasionally represented plainly in the hieroglyph picture.
  • The project was started by the philosophers Peter Singer and Paola Cavalieri, who argued that the ape is the closest genetic relative to humans — that it displays emotions such as love, fear, anxiety and jealousy — and should be protected by similar laws.
  • On the top of this tree, in among the branches, sat a monkey -- at least so Ailie called it; but the term ape or baboon would have been more appropriate, for the creature was a very large one, and, if the expression of its countenance indicated in any degree the feelings of its heart, also a very fierce one -- an exceedingly ferocious one indeed.
  • 1 Due to its ambiguous nature, the term ape is less suitable as a means of describing taxonomic relationships.
  • (#2: The giant ape is defeated after the woman he groped and stalked wins a multi-million dollar harassment suit.)
  • A few other primates, such as the Barbary Ape, have the word ape in their common names usually to indicate lack of a tail, but they are not regarded as true apes.
  • Why a fit, tall & healthy female ape is not as attractive as a cover girl?
  • Krause, as already commented at "The ape is on my father's side, mind you", regarding John Hawks, we are definitely into the "Post-Wedgin 'Away" era.
  • She answered, “This whom thou deemest an ape is a young man, a clever and polite, a wise and learned and the son of a King; but he is ensorcelled and the Ifrit Jirjaris, who is of the seed of Iblis, cast a spell upon him, after putting to death his own wife the daughter of King Ifitamus lord of the Islands of Abnus.”