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What is the meaning of aped in Hindi?

Meaning of aped in Hindi is :

Definition of word aped

  • Simple past tense and past participle of ape. (verb)

Examples of word aped

  • Totalitarianism is a subset of tyranny, and a rather small and rigidly definable subset; and all of its essential defining qualities are either inventions of the extreme Left, or aped from the extreme Left by liberty-hating nationalists.
  • The slick populism of the CSI franchise has been repeatedly aped in shows like Spooks, Hustle and Silent Witness.
  • Like the spurious bonus culture, fat cat pensions were aped by the public sector's senior managers.
  • Lily aped a pirouette and collapsed giggling onto Pop-pop's lap.
  • Just because something is not aped after the "Sex and the City" doesn't make it humourless. (and personally, I seldom thought SATC very funny) "Alias" did fairly well (and was written by a man, to boot) and was neither humorless nor rigid nor witless, though from a feminist perspective it had a few elements that were problematic.


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