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What is the meaning of apex in Hindi?

Meaning of apex in Hindi is : सिरा

Definition of word apex

  • The highest point of something. (noun)
  • The moment of greatest success, expansion, etc. (noun)
  • The topmost vertex of a cone or pyramid (in their conventional orientation). (noun)
  • The pointed end of something. (noun)
  • The end of a leaf, petal or similar organ opposed to the end where it is attached to its support; the tip. (noun)
  • The point on the celestial sphere toward which the sun appears to move relative to nearby stars. (noun)
  • The lowest point on a pendant drop of a liquid. (noun)
  • The end or edge of a vein nearest the surface. (noun)

Examples of word apex

  • The breaking point, so to speak, of man's vision, that ecstasy of comprehension which I call his apex-thought, is the moment which makes him aware of these companions 'existence.
  • However, if you a forty first experiment, and it tells you that the apex is somewhere wildly different in the picture, it would have told you that either you made some mistake, or that your assumption, that the standard model is the only source of CP violation, was incorrect.
  • But his early work could be viewed as lacking in seriousness, and thus my choice for his apex is Americana, the 2001 volume that would be the last verse collection to appear under his name during his lifetime, anyway; I suspect we may see a posthumous collection.
  • My thought process begins where the regular human apex is at.
  • PGA Tour may have reached a short-term apex financially given the weakened economy, sports sponsorships generally being harder to come by, and a slow erosion of fan interest in the sport which is partly related to Tiger's lost dominance.


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