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What is the meaning of aphorism in Hindi?

Meaning of aphorism in Hindi is : सूत्र

Definition of word aphorism

  • An original laconic phrase conveying some principle or concept of thought. (noun)
    किसी सिद्धांत या विचार की अवधारणा को व्यक्त करने वाला एक मूल संक्षिप्त वाक्यांश।

Examples of word aphorism

  • Code and other Laws of Cyberspace, in which he coined the aphorism "code is law" and predicted that commercialization would lead to the demise of the open Internet.
  • A good aphorism is the tip of an iceberg of thought.
  • *: The aphorism is true in its weak sense; words have no inherent meaning, so of course the meaning of a word is whatever is history has led to it being recognized as denoting.
  • While this quote, or aphorism, is an excellent one and contains some truth, it is not an esoteric one: that is, it does not express the complete truth about life, individuals, reality, law and evolution which the ONA seeks to express.
  • That aphorism from the historian John Lukacs is in the first paragraph of a brilliant article "Why Aren't Conservatives Conservationists?" found here.
  • Is it any wonder, under all these circumstances, that the aphorism is so absolutely correct -- that Canada is today the brightest jewel in the colonial coronet of the Empire?
  • You assert that the ‘teach a man to fish’ aphorism is indicative of compassion, but your ’sell a man a shoe shine kit’ example is a bag of stereotyping bigotry.
  • Shortly after I moved to the US from Canada - no, we aren’t all as scientifically ignorant as Byer’s, I coined the aphorism: