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What is the meaning of aphorist in Hindi?

Meaning of aphorist in Hindi is : सूत्रकार

Definition of word aphorist

  • A person who writes or recites aphorisms. (noun)

Examples of word aphorist

  • Devotees of popular history will have met some of these stories in the work of Liza Picard, Witold Rybczynski, Daniel Boorstin and others, but it's hard to imagine a better synthesizer than Bryson, or a pithier aphorist.
  • I toyed with being an aphorist, but the mode can get a bit tiresome.
  • We can do no better than conclude with the observation of the great aphorist Samuel Johnson:
  • That's the difference between a comic-strip artist and an "aphorist."
  • Book critic Carlin Romano, who is also critic-at-large for the Chronicle of Higher Education (in which role he was a finalist last year for a Pulitzer in criticism), takes a look at that dubious aphorist, E.M. Cioran.
  • As usual, Easy isn't much of a detective - his inquiries lead to a chain of suspicious characters who finger one another - but he could hardly be improved as a philosopher and aphorist.
  • She had been a child apart from her earliest years, a whimsical, sometimes meltingly reflective aphorist.