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What is the meaning of aphoristic in Hindi?

Meaning of aphoristic in Hindi is : सूत्र रूप का

Definition of word aphoristic

  • of, relating to, or containing aphorisms, maxims or epigrams; gnomic (adjective)

Examples of word aphoristic

  • Both are brief and although the criticisms of Hegel are clearly intelligible, the statements constituting the “new philosophy” are often rhetorical and aphoristic, which is one of the reasons they are often judged to be unsatisfactory as philosophy.
  • He believed that in a world where visual language has overpowered the written word, narrative non-fiction could satisfy the need for reflective engagement more than any kind of aphoristic expression.
  • Ms. Hirliman fired off brief, aphoristic replies and taped them back up for all to see.
  • The aphoristic last lines are a little lesson on humility.
  • The fragments of concrete poetry that make up the bulk of Free Cell honor the rapid-fire plausibility of waking thought, which is to say the collection's often self-contained stanzas are by turns intimate, aphoristic, and incoherent -- but never less than truthful.
  • He was quite as able to be terse and memorable when in conversation and, like Oscar Wilde (who was, like him, disconcertingly vast when seen at close quarters), seems seldom to have been off duty when it came to the epigrammatic and aphoristic.
  • Intriguing, but some of it borders on the tritely aphoristic.
  • Here as elsewhere, Pennac's aphoristic style puts the ooh-la-la in Gallic shrug: