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What is the meaning of apical in Hindi?

Meaning of apical in Hindi is : शीर्षस्थ

Definition of word apical

  • of or connected with the apex (adjective)
    या शीर्ष के साथ जुड़ा हुआ है

Examples of word apical

  • The condition is also known as apical ballooning syndrome ABS and stress cardiomyopathy.
  • Plowe and his colleagues tested a vaccine that targets a molecule on the malaria parasite known as apical membrane antigen 1 (AMA1).
  • Between late stage 16 and mid-stage 17 the apical plasma membrane of epidermal cells forms regular corrugations called apical undulae (au), at the tip of which chitin synthesis takes place, while secretion occurs at the valley between the corrugations (D).
  • Plants have a mechanism called apical dominance, by which axillary buds are prevented from growing at the same time as the terminal bud-the tip of the plant stem.
  • Here we report through ultrastructural analysis that IBC exhibits a high degree of cellular organization with polar elements such as apical/lateral positioning of E-cadherin, apical surface microvilli, and tortuous lumen-like (canalis) structures.
  • Organisation of the procuticle is supposedly controlled by the apical plasma membrane that forms longitudinal corrugations called apical undulae during chitin synthesis that run perpendicular to the anterior-posterior axis of the developing embryo (
  • Within the first week, Saudi Arabia had gathered massive humanitarian aid at the behest of apical leadership.