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What is the meaning of apiculture in Hindi?

Meaning of apiculture in Hindi is : मधुमक्खी―पालन

Definition of word apiculture

  • The keeping and maintenance of bees for commercial reasons. (noun)

Examples of word apiculture

  • Farmers in Tabi struggle to keep up with the pace of that change, seeking alternatives to feed their families, such as apiculture and selling firewood, while women are doing crafts to earn extra money.
  • As you get to know Al, you learn that in addition to his regard for apiculture, he is also an evangelical Christian.
  • There's lots of lovely symbolism in the processes of apiculture and (more unexpectedly) the Blessed Virgin Mary.
  • A presentation on the art of apiculture; honey extraction demonstrations by beekeepers of the northern Shenandoah.
  • While Megan is ecstatic about her Greenpoint rooftop honeybee hive and especially loves honey, her interest in apiculture stems from her desire to maximize the amount of food she can produce in her 700 square foot Brooklyn backyard.


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