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What is the meaning of apologetic in Hindi?

Meaning of apologetic in Hindi is : शर्मिंदा

Definition of word apologetic

  • Having the character of apology; regretfully excusing (adjective)
  • Defending by words or arguments; said or written in defense. (adjective)

Examples of word apologetic

    • He got up, his expression apologetic, and fumbled for change in his pocket, throwing down much more than our two coffees cost.
    • There's no reason for Pyongyang to be taking what I call apologetic position they're taking, agreeing to go back to the six-party talks, agreeing that there will be no more tests.
    • "I'm sick ... my stomach," he explained in apologetic tones to the passenger who sat next to him.
    • As they went by, one of their leaders shouted out to me in apologetic explanation.
    • They will learn apologetic methods on how to articulate and defend Christianity when talking to Muslims, but they will understand that the greatest apologetic is love and forgiveness.