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What is the meaning of apologia in Hindi?

Meaning of apologia in Hindi is : मंडनिका

Definition of word apologia

  • A written defense of a position or belief. (noun)

Examples of word apologia

  • How this can be twisted in apologia for McCarthy is beyond me.
  • The second apologia is that the Lib Dem leadership concluded before the election that their policy on tuition fees was unsustainable.
  • Another death-row apologia from the convicted cop killer and self-proclaimed political prisoner, philosopher, and poet.
  • (There is one striking exception: his Apology, which purports to be the speech that Socrates gave in his defense ” the Greek word apologia means “defense” ” when, in 399, he was legally charged and convicted of the crime of impiety.
  • When the Village Voice suggested in 1982 that Mr. Kosinski might not have been the sole author of all of his novels, The Times responded with an unprecedented 6,500-word apologia for Mr. Kosinski, which started across the top of the front page of the Arts and Leisure section.


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