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What is the meaning of apology in Hindi?

Meaning of apology in Hindi is : स्पष्टीकरण

Definition of word apology

  • An expression of remorse or regret for having said or done something that harmed another: an instance of apologizing (saying that one is sorry). (noun)
  • A formal justification, defence. (noun)

Examples of word apology

    • [602] It was anything but an apology, unless _apology_ is used in its old meaning of _defence_.
    • There are now powerful incentives on both sides to repair their relations, although the word apology still remains a major obstacle.
    • Perhaps the Conservatives could issue a portmanteau apology for any other unscrupulous rightwing notions they may have nursed while Labour were lucky enough to be in charge?
    • It's not my fault there was slavery in the United States and I think this apology is a slap in the face of many American's just like me.
    • The word "apology" does not exist in her vocabulary.


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