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What is the meaning of apostrophe in Hindi?

Meaning of apostrophe in Hindi is : सम्बोधन

Definition of word apostrophe

  • A sudden exclamatory piece of dialogue addressed to someone or something, especially absent. (noun)

Examples of word apostrophe

  • The apostrophe is used when you abbreviate the decade as the '90s (the apostrophe indicates the missing numerals).
  • Log in to Reply jadechimera (UID#1821) on September 8th, 2009 at 4: 33 pm lack of possessive apostrophe is also fail …
  • An apostrophe is missing from “childrens”, and there is a strong case for making “menu” plural, but these lapses are so frequent in signs as to be mundane; it is the appearance of “Al” that makes it irresistible.
  • I guess that being French, the incredibly sophisticated and capricious ways the apostrophe is used in my language has given me full confidence that I would be forgiven whatever I would do in another language.
  • In summary, both with and without an apostrophe are okay, but it seems without the apostrophe is preferred.
  • The apostrophe is no picnic in a last name either.
  • The apostrophe is misused extensively; more so, perhaps, than any other punctuation mark.