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What is the meaning of apparatus in Hindi?

Meaning of apparatus in Hindi is : हथियार

Definition of word apparatus

  • The entirety of means whereby a specific production is made existent or task accomplished. (noun)

Examples of word apparatus

  • WORD CORRECT PRONUNCIATION alma mater _alma mater_ apparatus _apparatus_ apricot _apricot_ attaché _attasha'_ audacious _audashus_ ballet _bal'la_ blasé _blaza'_ blatant _blatant_ chasten _chasen_
  • The wealth of detail in the charting of the universe carried out in recent years with this apparatus is absolutely unique.
  • I realize that this kind of apparatus is usually reserved for "classic" works intended for classroom use, but I don't think we can pretend that translations shorn of such support are sufficient for presenting the work, poetry or fiction, of translated authors, especially authors to whom we come completely unfamiliar.
  • Having wired Sola with complex responses — the apparatus is supposed to react in particular ways, immediately upon perceiving his telepathically projected emotions — the mad scientist invites a group of colleagues over to dinner.
  • Whatever the point of view on the crops themselves, there are many people on both sides of the debate who say that the current U.S. regulatory apparatus is ill-equipped to adequately address the concerns.
  • The Federal Court system is the main apparatus for issues affecting the nation. if McCain and all the other GOP chickenhawks (ok Mccain isnt a chickenhawk, he actually served and should be honored for that) think this nation is led by the military, then they should move to Myanmar or North Korea, it may be more to their way of thinking
  • This attack demonstrates that our security apparatus is focused on processes, not results.
  • The question that troubled the Obama presidential campaign and, currently, the GOP apparatus, is how to use resources wisely.
  • The State apparatus is controlled by a narrow group of plutocrats who pursue their own interests, independently of what their subjects think and share no common identity with the latter.
  • I am sorry but isn't this what the Democratic party apparatus is for?