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What is the meaning of appeal in Hindi?

Meaning of appeal in Hindi is : संकेत करना

Definition of word appeal

  • To accuse (someone of something). (verb)
  • (a) An application for the removal of a cause or suit from an inferior to a superior judge or court for reëxamination or review. (b) The mode of proceeding by which such removal is effected. (c) The right of appeal. (d) An accusation; a process which formerly might be instituted by one private person against another for some heinous crime demanding punishment for the particular injury suffered, rather than for the offense against the public. (e) An accusation of a felon at common law by one of his accomplices, which accomplice was then called an approver. --Tomlins. --Bouvier. (noun)

Examples of word appeal

    • III. v.11 (183,1) Upon his own appeal] To _appeal_, in Shakespeare, is to
    • Hence the term "appeal" as I use it is broadly based and must be viewed in the context of the specific call to action.
    • Look at the sales of Alli, a drug whose main appeal is the nasty effects it imposes a cost of slamming a Star Cake.
    • The main appeal is the ever changing battlefield and the crazy visuals.
    • REVIEW SUMMARY: A book whose main appeal is the writing style.
    • The premise for the book came across as inventive and unique even though it reminded me at times of Hal Clement's Mission of Gravity, but only because that's another book whose main appeal is the planet on which it takes place.
    • To make the title appeal to both must have been a bit of a design nightmare, but the developers at Codemasters managed to find the two things that would satisfy both the casual and the serious gamers, put them both in one game and not have them cancel each other out.