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What is the meaning of appear in Hindi?

Meaning of appear in Hindi is : होना

Definition of word appear

  • To come or be in sight; to be in view; to become visible. (verb)

Examples of word appear

  • Lièvremont has promised a new team for Dublin, but given that he has only 32 players from whom to chose, including six props, the chances of him keeping his word appear slim.
  • There was no property qualification nor does the term appear to be racial.
  • St. Peter in 1 Pet.v. 1 expressly describes himself by this title, nor does the title appear to have become confined to the presbyters or priests of the Church until about A.D.
  • "He seemed so true and noble in every respect, and he was particular to have his title appear in the certificate, although he did not adopt it while traveling because he found he was less conspicuous as plain Mr. Heath."
  • This column will doubtless attract accusations of self-indulgence, although you might equally contest that having demanded that my photograph appear at the top of the page and that my name appear in capitals and bold type, that particular ship has sailed.
  • Users could see their name appear as graffiti in one scene, or their face on a poster in another.
  • Though gamers won't be able to see the title appear on their consoles, they can still check it out in video form. maxpontiac said ...