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What is the meaning of appel in Hindi?

Meaning of appel in Hindi is :

Definition of word appel

  • An act of striking the ground with the leading foot to frighten, distract, or mislead one's opponent. (noun)
  • Obsolete spelling of appeal. (verb)

Examples of word appel

    • And finally, for any eBay sellers, check out today's New York Times, which provides some nice cautionary tales for those who don't check their spelling when putting stuff up for auction a quick search found an older "appel" imac going for under $60, Seafarers of "Cataan" with the expansion, and some "Warhamer" games.
    • Twice every day we stood "appel" which meant that we gathered in a military formation with each barracks as a separate group to be counted by the German guards.
    • Every morning we had to line up outside our barracks for 'appel' (roll call) when we were counted by the German camp commander and guards.
    • Whoever googles 'appel' (Dutch for apple) will not only come across sites in Dutch about the apple, but also search results about the artist Karel Appel and other namesakes.
    • L'avocat général a requis vendredi de quinze à vingt ans de prison contre Jacques Viguier, professeur de droit toulousain jugé en appel par la cour d'assises du Tarn pour le meurtre de son épouse, Suzanne, mystérieusement disparue depuis le 27 février 2000. 19


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