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What is the meaning of applaud in Hindi?

Meaning of applaud in Hindi is : सराहना करना

Definition of word applaud

  • Applause; applauding. (noun)
  • Plaudit. (noun)
  • To express approval (of something) by clapping the hands. (verb)
  • To praise, or express approval for something or someone. (verb)

Examples of word applaud

  • What I think we can all applaud is the choice to put classical musicians in the spotlight.
  • What I do not applaud is the Olympic committee (both internationally andVANOC) which makes their rules over those jurisdictions civic, provincial and federal.
  • I again applaud you on your efforts to keep track of individuals who mis-represent their service for our great country, and who also as Mckay did, lie about medals earned.
  • So in many ways you would think that my book would be the kind of book that he would applaud, which is, "Oh, the real story, the real truth."
  • So she watched with amusement recently as a judge on "So You Think You Can Dance" used the expression to applaud a hip-hop performance.


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