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What is the meaning of applaud in Hindi?

Meaning of applaud in Hindi is : सराहना करना

Definition of word applaud

  • Applause; applauding. (noun)
  • To express approval (of something) by clapping the hands. (verb)

Examples of word applaud

    • What I do not applaud is the Olympic committee (both internationally andVANOC) which makes their rules over those jurisdictions civic, provincial and federal.
    • I again applaud you on your efforts to keep track of individuals who mis-represent their service for our great country, and who also as Mckay did, lie about medals earned.
    • What I think we can all applaud is the choice to put classical musicians in the spotlight.
    • So in many ways you would think that my book would be the kind of book that he would applaud, which is, "Oh, the real story, the real truth."
    • So she watched with amusement recently as a judge on "So You Think You Can Dance" used the expression to applaud a hip-hop performance.
    • Prager's courage also reflects another value we should applaud, which is compassion. bloodthirsty calls for Bernie Madoff's head, the utter lack of compassion, the refusal to reflect on whether our wealth-obsessed culture has any responsibility to bear in this affair,
    • Here's a bit from "A Proposal Under Difficulties", featuring Barlow and Yardsley, two competitors for the affections of Dorothy, where Bangs comes awfully close to inventing emoticons, or at least the 'applaud' sign for television audiences.
    • From these pages, is also possible to interact with the owners: you can "applaud" completed goals, subscribe to the page you will be advised every time a new entry is posted or message him.
    • He goes over there, he's given his ideas, I kind of applaud that, I think that's real good, he looks knowledgeable in stuff and people say, hey, this guy knows what he's talking about.