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What is the meaning of applauds in Hindi?

Meaning of applauds in Hindi is :

Definition of word applauds

  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of applaud. (verb)
  • Plural form of applaud. (noun)

Examples of word applauds

    • I still laugh myself silly when I read it, and every malicious part of my brain applauds the exquisitely cruel detail with which Wordsworth is skewered.
    • So, as a Republican commentator, he applauds from the press box his party's cynical power plays, as in a game of football.
    • In other words, the “genuine, strong sentiment” you applauds is authored by deceit.
    • The scripture is faithful in relating the faults even of those whom it most applauds, which is an instance of the sincerity of the penmen, and an evidence that it was not written to serve any party: and even such stories as these "were written for our learning," that "he that thinks he stands may take heed lest he fall," and that others 'harms may be our warnings.
    • The recorder then applauds, which is taken up by thise present in the hall.


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