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What is the meaning of applause in Hindi?

Meaning of applause in Hindi is : हर्षध्वनि

Definition of word applause

  • The act of applauding; approbation and praise publicly expressed by the clapping of hands, stamping or tapping of the feet, acclamation, huzzas, or other means; marked commendation. (noun)

Examples of word applause

  • ** applause, applause, applause** by Mars Caulton on Sunday, Jun 15, 2008 at 2: 47: 38 AM
  • Some very good performing is done, but Spanish jokes by the clowns and very daring feats on horseback are the only acts which gain applause from the Mexicans.
  • So the applause is a natural byproduct of that emotion.
  • Beast. he verges towards misanthropy & says that a years crusade to benefit mankind will cure any man of his prejudices in their favor. so say I — for I have been a Crusader. & so say you who have the benefit of my experience. but of Carlisle. you have given me a very good opinion of him, for your applause is a ticket of admission to mine.
  • Boisterous applause from the crowd confirmed that my poignant moments of bonding, betrayal, emotional highs, or losses had the same core substance as theirs, even if the specifics were different.
  • Conservatives joined in applause more often than not.
  • Mention of the issue prompted applause from the Republican side of the chamber.
  • Did you hear the loud applause from the audience when she entered the stage?