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What is the meaning of applied in Hindi?

Meaning of applied in Hindi is : व्यावहारिक

Definition of word applied

  • put into practical use (adjective)
  • of a branch of science, serving another branch of science or engineering (adjective)
  • Simple past tense and past participle of apply. (verb)

Examples of word applied

  • Channeling money to the opposition through the SNC could also force the Free Syrian Army, the term applied to the loose-knit group of defected Syrian soldiers and locally commanded opposition fighters, to finally recognize the leadership of the SNC.
  • Asian carp is a term applied to several related species of carp that were brought to the United States in the 1970s to control algae in catfish farms in the South.
  • Real property meant more than land; the term applied to that cluster of privileges and rights which centered on land, or on the exercise of power which had a focus in some point in space.
  • The expression did not actually imply homosexuality but was often used to imply femininity, though the term applied to both males and females.
  • Grass-fed: The term applied to feed animals such as cows, chickens, or pigs that have been raised, at least partially, in the pasture.


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