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What is the meaning of appointment in Hindi?

Meaning of appointment in Hindi is : स्थापन

Definition of word appointment

  • The act of appointing; designation of a person to hold an office or discharge a trust. (noun)
  • The state of being appointed to a service or office; an office to which one is appointed; station; position. (noun)
  • Stipulation; agreement; the act of fixing by mutual agreement. (noun)
  • An arrangement for a meeting; an engagement. (noun)
  • Decree; direction; established order or constitution. (noun)
  • The exercise of the power of designating (under a power of appointment) a person to enjoy an estate or other specific property; also, the instrument by which the designation is made. (noun)
  • The assignment of a person by an official to perform a duty, such as a presidential appointment of a judge to a court. (noun)
  • Equipment, furniture. (noun)
  • A honorary part or exercise, as an oration, etc., at a public exhibition of a college; as, to have an appointment. (noun)

Examples of word appointment

  • Another aspect of his appointment is his authority to steer the ship.
  • If your appointment is at the Wood Building, please park in the Wood Center Garage located off of Civic Center Boulevard.
  • If your appointment is at the Main Building, please park in the Wood Center Garage located off of Civic Center Boulevard.
  • He may be no worse than most of those who've lead the Department of Transportation, but his appointment is a profoundly uninspiring vote for business as usual at a time when we need change, and an strong indication that the administration doesn't get that energy policy, technological innovation, urban planning, environmental sustainability and transportation are all bound up together, and no solution to our problems can be had without tackling them all together.
  • That her appointment is an act of cronyism is without a doubt, but if that's the price of admission to another Souter or moderate justice, I'm willing to pay it.


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