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What is the meaning of apposite in Hindi?

Meaning of apposite in Hindi is : प्रास‌ंगिक

Definition of word apposite

  • Appropriate, relevant, well-suited; fit. (adjective)
    उपयुक्त, प्रासंगिक, उपयुक्त; फिट।
  • Something that is apposite (noun)
    कुछ ऐसा जो उपयुक्त है

Examples of word apposite

    • The title is apposite: Kravitz straddles the divide like no other with his drop-dead girlfriends and pads.
    • Also, that Woody Allen story that Antid linked is kind of apposite, and funny. jhupp Says:
    • That's Jorge Grau, director of the cannibal zombie classic The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue... kind of apposite because this was at the annual Festival of Fantastic Films in Manchester, where the two of us helped out with the presentation work for more years than I care to count.
    • "Sensory Crossovers" makes the opposite mistake, taking a New Mexicentric viewpoint that privileges Georgia O'Keeffe and her Stieglitzian friends (Arthur Dove, Helen Torr, Charles Demuth, Burchfield), for instance, or the Taos couple Louis Ribak and Beatrice Mandelman over equally apposite practitioners such as Fischinger and Russell.
    • A very apposite complement to the OBO I've just read.
    • Few writers of criticism are able to combine such a compelling and frankly "superior" prose with correspondingly apposite critical insights as does William Gass.
    • It may be almost 90 years old, but The Great Gatsby is as apposite as ever.
    • When would be the apposite time to slap the Captain and take control?
    • Hunt down the most apposite or amenable folks and spread the inbox love to spare the pain!