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What is the meaning of appraise in Hindi?

Meaning of appraise in Hindi is : मोल लगाना

Definition of word appraise

  • To set a value; to estimate the worth of, particularly by persons appointed for the purpose; as, to appraise goods and chattels. (verb)
  • To estimate; to conjecture. (verb)
  • To praise; to commend. (verb)
  • To apprise, inform. (verb)

Examples of word appraise

  • Park at the curb (by the owls) to "appraise" him of the suspected rodent murder at the school grounds.
  • Hecker had quietly stashed in North Dakota allegedly so jeweler friends could "appraise" them.
  • Most "well-managed" organizations have collected the information they need to appraise the 2010 performance of their employees and either have given -- or are about to give -- the results to them.
  • At Christie's since 1998, Giovanna Bertazzoni has a relentless schedule, flying in and out of the British capital regularly to meet with private collectors to appraise their works.
  • The conception that its business is to appraise, to judge in the legal and moral sense, arrests the perception of those who are influenced by the criticism that assumes this task.


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