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What is the meaning of appraised in Hindi?

Meaning of appraised in Hindi is :

Definition of word appraised

  • Simple past tense and past participle of appraise. (verb)

Examples of word appraised

  • Therefore, a single-party rule must be appraised from a straight political criterion and not confused by reference to political ideologies or theories.
  • By then, university officials had had the coins appraised, notified police and placed the money in a safe while awaiting word from investigators.
  • Specifically it's a proposal that would empower the FHA to ensure troubled loans assuming lenders will voluntarily write them down to an affordable level and that is to say the appraised level of a valued home.
  • In Houston, an anonymous donor earlier this month dropped in a gold coin appraised at $1,500.
  • A man may be "appraised" by someone other than his own manager, he may take special company courses and engage in other "developmental" activities and acquire considerable information and inspiration.


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