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What is the meaning of appreciable in Hindi?

Meaning of appreciable in Hindi is : सुप्रेक्ष्य

Definition of word appreciable

  • Capable of being appreciated or estimated; large enough to be estimated; perceptible; considerable. (adjective)

Examples of word appreciable

  • Another prediction of such a surfing model is that even a very small number of events of interbreeding can result in appreciable allele frequencies of Neandertal alleles in the present-day populations.
  • In any case, I think the better point is that VDOT’s own studies showed that neither the Western Bypass nor the Meadowcreek Parkway would improve congestion on 29 in appreciable ways.
  • 3He can be produced in appreciable amounts in nuclear reactors.
  • For one thing, like someone already mentioned the time for greatly increased troop strength in Iraq making any kind of appreciable difference is long past.
  • But yesterday's statement also dialed back the sense of urgency, dropping the "appreciable" from what it said last Tuesday were "appreciable downside risks to growth."


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