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What is the meaning of appreciate in Hindi?

Meaning of appreciate in Hindi is : सराहा जाना

Definition of word appreciate

  • to be grateful or thankful for. (verb)

Examples of word appreciate

  • This question of _superfineness_ versus _refinement_ (which ought to mean the power of refining things through our feeling) has carried me away from the original theme of my discourse, which, under the symbol of the hotel room, was merely that we should _perhaps appreciate more if we were offered less to appreciate_.
  • One of the thing both men told us they appreciate is the watch fire.
  • But again appreciate the acknowledgment that the same debate exists on the pro-choice side.
  • Evil Twin, what you fail to appreciate is that if GHW Bush had been more popular he would have gotten a lot more than 37.5% of the vote.
  • What this panel and so many other investors fail to appreciate is that state bailouts have already begun.
  • The only thing I don't think people truly appreciate is how much knowledge he had about the position.
  • If nothing else, Frank, Zeleny's question gave us the opportunity to once again appreciate that we have a thoughtful thinking president now who has obviously reflected on this sort of thing, as any self-aware and self-reflective person would.
  • Mr. EARL TULLEY (Vice Presidential Candidate, Navajo Nation): But one thing that I really appreciate is when we stand side by side ...
  • What Joe has come to appreciate is a third man gives him a chance to debate.
  • Now the Isle, whose strange three-legged flag looks like something the Masons might appreciate, is famous for something more: a Ku Klux Klan Facebook group.