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What is the meaning of appreciated in Hindi?

Meaning of appreciated in Hindi is : उत्कर्षित

Definition of word appreciated

  • Simple past tense and past participle of appreciate. (verb)
  • recognized as having value (adjective)
  • having risen in value (adjective)

Examples of word appreciated

  • Nearly every other piece in Haslam's book-excerpts from Burning Daylight, The Valley of the Moon, The Little Lady of the Big House - can be appreciated from the cover of broad-leaf evergreens and the grass-lined trails of Jack's ranch, 840 acres now managed by the state's department of Parks and Recreation.
  • In 1392, the late Gothic choir was begun, which, as can be appreciated from the exterior pictures, is considerably higher than the nave.
  • The difference between the two was that Franklin appreciated the great difficulties involved in implementing grand, progressive plans.
  • When the shekel appreciated from the end of 2007 through 2008, most of that action was Israelis bringing their money home.
  • One aspect of peer review that may not be fully appreciated is that we trust the authors to be submitting factual data.


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