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What is the meaning of appreciation in Hindi?

Meaning of appreciation in Hindi is : सहारना

Definition of word appreciation

  • A just valuation or estimate of merit, worth, weight, etc.; recognition of excellence. (noun)
  • Accurate perception; true estimation; as, an appreciation of the difficulties before us; an appreciation of colors. (noun)
  • A rise in value;—opposed to depreciation. (noun)
  • Examples of word appreciation

    • In fact, the spiritual teacher Esther Hicks says she prefers the word "appreciation" to "gratitude," because the latter carts up the struggles that got us here, while appreciation comes from a purer place of joy.
    • This appreciation is a subsidiary requirement of tact, such acts of praise or dispraise functioning as expressions of beliefs which imply costs or benefits in terms of recognition of relative status.
    • 'When your people made us robots, you left out of us certain faculties, and among these is what you call appreciation of beauty.
    • I think you also know how the governor responds to the word 'appreciation,' Emanuel said Wednesday.
    • He added that yuan liquidity in Hong Kong remains abundant, with investors betting on long-term appreciation of the Chinese currency.


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