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What is the meaning of appreciative in Hindi?

Meaning of appreciative in Hindi is : प्रशंसात्मक

Definition of word appreciative

  • Showing appreciation or gratitude. (adjective)
    प्रशंसा या कृतज्ञता दिखाना।

Examples of word appreciative

  • Household stuff: I agree yard sales are not worth the effort, I'd rather give the stuff to people who are thrilled to get it; altho, we did sell a few things privately to neighbors, and we did send a lot of stuff to auction, so at least it wound up in appreciative hands.
  • "At least they were appreciative, which is more than I would have believed."
  • C'EST DES DEUX OREILLES, properly, 'c'est d'une oreille,' an expression appreciative of good wine.
  • The audience seemed appreciative, which is always nice, and a few people were there on second viewings.
  • The students, far from being traumatized by the act (which is described as appreciative rather than "investigatory") seem to take it in stride as a personal eccentricity of Hector's.
  • The camera lingers on every part of their bodies with a kind of appreciative lechery, taking in the curves.
  • At a news conference Tuesday, Hyattsville Police Chief Douglas Holland said he was "appreciative" of the Justice Department's findings but added that "the social harm caused by these untrue claims has already been done."
  • Mantashe had displayed "no particular reaction" during the telephone conversation, but had been "appreciative" that he had called, Mboweni told reporters in Pretoria on Tuesday.
  • No irony here, just good-old "appreciative" for his work.