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What is the meaning of appreciative in Hindi?

Meaning of appreciative in Hindi is : प्रशंसात्मक

Definition of word appreciative

  • Showing appreciation or gratitude. (adjective)
  • Capable of showing appreciation. (adjective)

Examples of word appreciative

    • Household stuff: I agree yard sales are not worth the effort, I'd rather give the stuff to people who are thrilled to get it; altho, we did sell a few things privately to neighbors, and we did send a lot of stuff to auction, so at least it wound up in appreciative hands.
    • "At least they were appreciative, which is more than I would have believed."
    • C'EST DES DEUX OREILLES, properly, 'c'est d'une oreille,' an expression appreciative of good wine.
    • The audience seemed appreciative, which is always nice, and a few people were there on second viewings.
    • The students, far from being traumatized by the act (which is described as appreciative rather than "investigatory") seem to take it in stride as a personal eccentricity of Hector's.


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