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What is the meaning of appreciativeness in Hindi?

Meaning of appreciativeness in Hindi is :

Definition of word appreciativeness

  • The state or quality of being appreciative. (noun)

Examples of word appreciativeness

  • There is a good chapter on Bacon, one on inoculation, and several on the Quakers, but on the civil constitution hardly a word of large appreciativeness.
  • And she showed her appreciativeness that way by feeding all 30 volunteers.
  • She was 80 years old and she demonstrated her appreciativeness for the students who removed debris from her house by cooking red beans and rice for all 30 volunteers at her site.
  • It may be said with equal truth, that it is difficult for a man of any appreciativeness to have convictions at all.
  • Lamb in his appreciativeness; but one cannot accuse him of injudicious excess when he says of Brome:


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