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What is the meaning of apprehend in Hindi?

Meaning of apprehend in Hindi is : समझना

Definition of word apprehend

  • To take or seize; to take hold of. (verb)

Examples of word apprehend

  • [1] I wish, however, to march on solid ground; and the only tender place I as yet apprehend, is contained in that sentence of Robert's letter to you, where he says — 'I took the manuscript of the Farmer's Boy to your
  • The central concept I want them to apprehend is the connection between the manner in which God created us, and His will that we participate in the life of the Trinity through grace.
  • How can we be happy when the most important this we apprehend is left to one side by the prevailing Metaphysics?
  • The writer's object, we apprehend, is to sketch the habits and manners of both Northern and
  • Let your readers determine from my statement whether the charge of cruelty can he established: -- The rations which I saw distributed to the prisoners were in every respect the same as those issued to the Southern soldier; possibly the former may get more fresh meat, and that, I apprehend, is scarcely a ground for objection.
  • He had nothing to apprehend from the German empire, which was then contending against the Turks on the Danube.
  • And this, we apprehend, is what very few first performances can pretend to.
  • 'Now,' said Dr X —, looking at his watch, 'it will be eight o'clock by the time we get to Upper Grosvenor-street, and Lady Anne will probably have waited dinner for us about two hours, which I apprehend is sufficient to try the patience of any woman but
  • Barbarians, who no longer had any resistance to apprehend from the scattered and vanquished troops of the East, spread themselves over the face of a fertile and cultivated country, as far as the confines of Italy and the Hadriatic Sea.