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What is the meaning of apprehending in Hindi?

Meaning of apprehending in Hindi is :

Definition of word apprehending

  • Present participle of apprehend. (verb)

Examples of word apprehending

  • Shortly thereafter, US President George W Bush issued a series of demands to the de facto government of Pakistan — specifically demanding that the Taliban assist the US in apprehending key al-Qaeda personnel and shutting down al-Qaeda operational bases.
  • Discuss Meghan's role in apprehending the shooter in the Tubman projects; was her involvement self-serving, or was she defending her son and the safety of others?
  • The DA is asking for the public's help in apprehending the leader — a man they call "the Colonel."
  • [Link] According to the Sparks interview, Smith's partner in apprehending Garfield's shooter was none other than Billy the Kid.
  • Accuracy in apprehending, quickness and certainty in seizing opportunities, power and discrimination, and appreciation of what is right and honourable.


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