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What is the meaning of apprehension in Hindi?

Meaning of apprehension in Hindi is : समझ

Definition of word apprehension

  • The physical act of seizing or taking hold of; seizure. (noun)
  • The act of seizing or taking by legal process; arrest. (noun)
  • The act of grasping with the intellect; the contemplation of things, without affirming, denying, or passing any judgment; intellection; perception. (noun)
  • Opinion; conception; sentiment; idea. (noun)
  • The faculty by which ideas are conceived or by which perceptions are grasped; understanding. (noun)
  • Anticipation, mostly of things unfavorable; dread or fear at the prospect of some future ill. (noun)

Examples of word apprehension

  • Here in the Persian Gulf, apprehension is off the charts.
  • – If my apprehension is right and the bad effects of the law outweigh the good ...
  • He lifted and dropped his feet with the lithe softness of a cat, and from time to time glanced to right and to left as if in apprehension of some flank attack.
  • The person in charge of dealing with such complaints called me back a few days later and said that that small plane was probably part of law enforcement monitoring an apprehension from the air in the event of a pursuit.
  • Vaccine apprehension is largely a luxury enjoyed by societies no longer ravaged by the dreadful diseases vaccines have helped prevent.


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