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What is the meaning of apprehensive in Hindi?

Meaning of apprehensive in Hindi is : संदेही

Definition of word apprehensive

  • Anticipating something with anxiety or fear. (adjective)
    चिंता या भय के साथ किसी चीज का अनुमान लगाना।

Examples of word apprehensive

  • For a moment, Helen stood very still, her expression apprehensive, her hands rubbing the ball, exploring the slickness of the horsehide and the ridges of the stitching.
  • Mademoiselle Avrillion put down her basket and smoothed her skirt, her expression apprehensive.
  • Margaret tells me that she was apprehensive from the start of the voyage -- and even before.
  • But, of course, this made Jennie and Susie feel very nervous and also a big word called apprehensive, which is the same thing.
  • Nicholas Hoult does look genuinely apprehensive, which is annoying because he's been perfectly at ease until now.