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What is the meaning of apprentice in Hindi?

Meaning of apprentice in Hindi is : शिष्य

Definition of word apprentice

  • A trainee, especially in a skilled trade. (noun)
  • To put under the care and supervision of a master, for the purpose of instruction in a trade or business. (verb)

Examples of word apprentice

    • The term apprentice makes me think back to early art days when a "master" would have a whole school of apprentices behind him, often doing his work.
    • In many of these stories, the apprentice is a sorcerer's apprentice.
    • That being said, there is a uptick in the amount of restaurants we plan to build, we'll require a lot of new leadership and as the number of restaurateurs increase and as some of our restaurateurs are becoming what we call apprentice team leaders which allows them to oversee a lot more restaurants, we feel better and better that the leadership will be such as to be ready and be able to run great restaurants when the economic situation changes and we're able to find even more real estate sites.
    • One of the greatest opportunities for the out-of-school unemployed youth and even many older unemployed workers, however, will always be found in apprentice programs.