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What is the meaning of approaching in Hindi?

Meaning of approaching in Hindi is : आनेवाला

Definition of word approaching

  • That approaches or approach. (adjective)
  • Nearly. (adverb)

Examples of word approaching

    • {82} The female Sun, seeing the term approaching, and many of those punished, whom she had charged to acquaint the Governor, resolved to speak to the Under-Lieutenant; but to no better purpose, the
    • Andy Robinson, Scotland's coach, looked on with an expression approaching anger as his tight five crumbled.
    • The term approaching nearest thereto that we can find, is _M'cheejacmih_, which signifies _Shade_, and may be construed something in the nature of the _Manes_ of the Romans.
    • German Team PokerStars Pro Ben Kang would find himself in the hunt for the title approaching hour number eight but lost a bundle of chips to winemo as the two starting betting at a
    • Ahmateahza or the Missouri, which they described as approaching very near to the Columbia.
    • "With the end of the term approaching, we are quite disorganized, we do not have a dean, and the English department does not have a chairman.
    • The problem of authority never escapes anyone who is intellectually honest and I believe that many of the modern Evangelical leaders are more honest in approaching the problem than most have been since the Reformation.
    • Perhaps most striking is his humility in approaching the Theology of the Body and the great desire he has to reach broken humanity with this liberating message.
    • Here is a list of things that will help in approaching the job without a big fuss or a panic: