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What is the meaning of appropriateness in Hindi?

Meaning of appropriateness in Hindi is : सत्यता

Definition of word appropriateness

  • the quality or condition of being appropriate (noun)

Examples of word appropriateness

  • Mr. Mitra said while "there are no immediate or egregious credit concerns, we are looking for policy signals and supporting actions that will better assure us about medium-term appropriateness of the policy framework and an ability to also meet unanticipated shocks."
  • (This, with grim appropriateness, is about the only place in the World Showcase where you can't find a meal.)
  • This goes with my rant about appropriateness, which is something along the lines of-I don't care how cute it is, if it's the wrong time or place ya look silly.
  • O'Reilly staunchly attacked President Obama for not commenting on the "appropriateness" of the location.
  • Other considerations, such as appropriateness, or the way other languages work, are not important here.


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