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What is the meaning of approve in Hindi?

Meaning of approve in Hindi is : स्वीकृति देना

Definition of word approve

  • To sanction officially; to ratify; to confirm. (verb)
  • To regard as good; to commend; to be pleased with; to think well of. (verb)
  • To make proof of; to demonstrate; to prove or show practically. (verb)
  • To consider or show to be worthy of approbation or acceptance. (verb)
  • To make profit of; to convert to one's own profit;—said especially of waste or common land appropriated by the lord of the manor. (verb)

Examples of word approve

  • Tate care, however, cried I, that you. do* not carry matters too far: fhe muft not fufpect you act by my orders; oa £he contrary, if I find any feverity ha* been, ufcd, though I may fecretly approve, nay, certainly fhall approve* in cafe it anfwers fhy purpofe; yet you myft lay your account with being* fharply reprimand - ed — you underftand me.
  • •approve the photo of members as untill you approve members photo it will not see online o10.
  • WASHINGTON — The U.S. Department of Agriculture unveiled Tuesday controversial plans to again approve genetically modified sugar beets in time for planting next year, a move that would nullify a federal court ruling in August that invalidated the original approval issued by the USDA five years ago.
  • The reason this poll shows only 42% approve, is that many wanted MORE from this bill (public option, etc.)
  • So what is Newt & Palin approve of President Obama's speech?


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