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What is the meaning of aptitude in Hindi?

Meaning of aptitude in Hindi is : सहज योग्यता

Definition of word aptitude

  • Natural ability to acquire knowledge or skill. (noun)

Examples of word aptitude

  • By then, the word aptitude, implying that students were being tested for natural fitness or inborn talent, would no longer do.
  • I agree that any genetic differences in aptitude probably predated selective breeding by slave owners.
  • Now, however, "fresh research adds to the debate about gender difference in aptitude for mathematics, including efforts to explain the relative scarcity of women among professors of science, math, and engineering."
  • A study by the RAND Corporation, commissioned by the Pentagon and published in 2005, evaluated several factors that affect military performance — experience, training, aptitude, and so forth — and found that aptitude is key.
  • And in one of the first long-term aptitude studies, researchers found that preemies aren't necessarily destined for a lifetime of learning problems.
  • Making the admiration sexual rather than based on aptitude is one way to avoid recognizing the lack of said quality in himself.