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What is the meaning of aquamarine in Hindi?

Meaning of aquamarine in Hindi is : हरितनील

Definition of word aquamarine

  • The bluish-green colour of the sea. (noun)
  • A bluish-green variety of beryl. (noun)
  • Of a bluish-green colour. (adjective)

Examples of word aquamarine

  • Her hands were wide and extremely strong looking; one thumbnail was rimmed in aquamarine blue, and the other wrist had a faint smudge of yellow.
  • She had hair of wavy gold, a white brow, eyes of a colour never seen but in the precious stone called aquamarine, cheeks of rose, a nose straight and finely cut.
  • Its seat was in her eyes, which many thought not at all beautiful, for they were like those gems called aquamarine, of a puzzling tint varying from blue to green, lustrous and lapping the beholder with their gentle lambency, except when passion moved her, when I have seen them glow with a menacing light as though they might shoot forth green flames.
  • Pegmatite is important to collectors because it often contains crystals such as aquamarine, topaz and tourmaline, Howe said.
  • From a distance, they tossed the coconuts and other offerings into the aquamarine waters toward the white-sand beaches, hoping to coax the Sentinelese out of the thick forest.


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