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What is the meaning of arabe in Hindi?

Meaning of arabe in Hindi is :

Definition of word arabe

Examples of word arabe

  • But not everyone knows that this regional specialty of meat roasted on a vertical spit and served in the thick, pita bread-like wheat tortilla called pan arabe is a prime example of the Mexican - Lebanese culinary fusion that begun at the turn of the twentieth century.
  • Massignon speaks, for example, of the 'étymologisme radical de l'arabe' in an essay on 'La structure primitive de l'analyse grammaticale en Arabe'.
  • À l'interne, des membres du CA auraient demandé l'origine ethnique de plusieurs employés et s'ils parlaient arabe.
  • «Ils estiment que l'organisme est trop pro-arabe, ce qui est ridicule.
  • Français · Monde arabe: Deux photos qui en disent long polski · Arabia: historie w obrazkach


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