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What is the meaning of arbitrary in Hindi?

Meaning of arbitrary in Hindi is : स्वेच्छित

Definition of word arbitrary

  • Based on individual discretion or judgment; not based on any objective distinction, perhaps even made at random. (adjective)
  • Determined by impulse rather than reason; heavy-handed. (adjective)
  • Any and all possible. (adjective)
  • Determined by independent arbiter. (adjective)

Examples of word arbitrary

  • “But I know people that define art as anything that somebody has claimed to be art, effectively rendering the term arbitrary and useless.”
  • The development is contained in a report by the Obama administration, International Strategy for Cyberspace, in which the US for the first time sets out a strategy for dealing with the expansion of the internet and what it describes as "arbitrary and malicious disruption".
  • Ethnic tribes that still hold on to the dream of a unified Pashtun nation refuse to recognize what they call an "arbitrary line".
  • ALHAMA DE MURCIA, Spain VN – Saxo Bank-Sungard boss Bjarne Riis blasted UCI leadership over what he called an arbitrary ban on race radio and said the cycling governing body is out of touch with the elite level of the sport.
  • The existence of what we called arbitrary coherence.


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