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What is the meaning of arc in Hindi?

Meaning of arc in Hindi is : वृत्ताकारअना

Definition of word arc

  • A directed edge. (noun)
  • To move following a curved path. (verb)
  • To form an electrical arc. (verb)
  • Examples of word arc

    • Point3d secondPoint): base (arc) {_arc = arc; _dragPoint = dragPoint; _firstPoint = firstPoint;
    • Point3d secondPoint, Line2d line): base (arc) {_arc = arc; _dragPoint = dragPoint; _firstPoint = firstPoint;
    • The main arc is a murder mystery around an original Melrose character, Laura Leighton's Sydney Andrews.
    • Most of the arc is there, buried or only mentioned or simply still in my head instead of on the page.
    • The peak of the arc is the revelation, where the character experiences the most significant transformation.


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