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What is the meaning of arch in Hindi?

Meaning of arch in Hindi is : वृत्तखण्ड

Definition of word arch

  • ​ Knowing, clever, mischievous. (adjective)
  • Principal; primary. (adjective)
  • An inverted U shape. (noun)
  • An arch-shaped arrangement of trapezoidal stones, designed to redistribute downward force outward. (noun)
  • An architectural element having the shape of an arch (noun)
  • An arc; a part of a curve. (noun)
  • To form into an arch shape (verb)

Examples of word arch

  • MISCELLANEOUS WORDS. adobe _ado'ba_ algebra not _bra_ alien _alyen_, not _alien_ ameliorate _amelyorate_ antarctic _antarktik_ anti not _anti_ archangel _arkangel_ archbishop _arch_, not _ark_ arch fiend _arch_, not _ark_ architect _arkitect_ awkward _awkward_, not _ard_
  • Especially rich were the half-dome of the apse and the wall-space surrounding its arch and called the _triumphal arch_; next in decorative importance came the broad band of wall beneath the clearstory windows.
  • The development of fan-vaulting had led to the adoption of a new form of arch, the four-centred or _Tudor arch_ (Fig. 133), to fit under the depressed apex of the vault.
  • As late as the first half of the tenth century we meet with the term arch-acolyte in Luitprand of Cremona
  • The signification of the term arché, already used, was sufficiently comprehensive to include that of aitía, since all causes come necessarily under the head of principles.


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