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What is the meaning of archaeological in Hindi?

Meaning of archaeological in Hindi is : पुरातात्त्विक

Definition of word archaeological

  • Relating to the science or research of archaeology. (adjective)

Examples of word archaeological

  • Generally speaking, when looking within archaeological horizons (i. e “identifiable pattern of material culture”), it is possible to identify one or more races, typically by craniometry.
  • Though it is difficult to estimate the degree, the disappearance of cowries and the presence of Han's wuzhuqian, a popular coin, in archaeological sites served as solid evidence.
  • It's the first discovery of bone soup in Chinese archaeological history, Liu says, according to People's Daily online.
  • Examination of fossil penguins found in archaeological sites on New Zealand suggest that a newly discovered species went extinct after Polynesian settlers arrived there.
  • The members of the Committee for International Relations of the Japanese Archaeological Association (JAA), who translate these and other materials on the JAA website, have carefully chosen at least one site from each major period in Japanese archaeological studies: paleolithic, Jomon, Yayoi, Kofun, antiquity, medieval, and “modern” (which seems to begin in the 16th century).


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