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What is the meaning of archangels in Hindi?

Meaning of archangels in Hindi is :

Definition of word archangels

  • Plural form of archangel. (noun)

Examples of word archangels

  • “Those who announce the highest things,” the theologian writes, “are called archangels,” and he goes on to point out that it is “the archangel Gabriel who was sent to the Virgin Mary” to announce the blessed event.
  • ANGELS -- It could be that the archangels are a little bit like lost children and so maybe they are not all completely evil jerks like Zack.
  • His archangels are the weavers of time, and all the others of material nature, uninformed by a soul.
  • Moreover, those who deliver messages of supreme importance are called archangels ….
  • Of these seven "archangels" which appear in the angelology of post-Exilic Judaism, only three, Gabriel, Michael and Raphael, are mentioned in the canonical Scriptures.
  • His "archangels", the Artist-turned-God, while tending the cooking pots, handed out food to the viewer who was then turned into a participant in this inevitable power relation of the provider and the provided.
  • But Gabriel is not of the highest order, but of the order of archangels, which is the last but one: wherefore the Church sings: "We know that the archangel Gabriel brought thee a message from God" [* Feast of Purification B.V.M. ix
  • As we strolled slowly up the center aisle, we saw portraits of the archangels painted on the left wall.
  • Uriel, the last of the great archangels to resist temptation, pride, and lust, the only one not to tumble to earth.
  • “I said that if you returned the power of the archangels to me, you could ask anything you wanted,” he said in the deep, sonorous voice.